Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hitting the big time

This humble blog has been getting a bit more attention recently.

- According to the stats, all week people have been searching for Dennis Mannion and coming up with my "Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean" post. Turns out Mannion was fired by the Dodgers this week.

- Bob Tufts linked to my interview of him in his San Francisco Examiner article congratulating the Giants on their ALDS win. I agree with him - the Braves logo is offensive, but not as offensive as Brian Wilson's beard.

- Eric Hillman commented on my post about his 1994 Topps card and his "Posh Puppy" business. It's a long comment with some interesting tidbits about pet products and the environment. Best line: "Pure Puppy is 100% biodegradable and as safe on the environment as the tears Mets fan shed every time I took the mound." Check it out.

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