Friday, September 17, 2010

Eric Hillman: Leading the world into $15 conditioner for dogs

Mike Kenny, writer of the hilarious blog So, do you like...stuff? had a post yesterday about Eric Hillman's 1994 Topps card. On the back of the card Hillman says "he’d like to be a biologist “leading the world into mandatory recycling and ozone layer limitations.”

So what became of Hillman? He now is the Creative Director for a company called Pure Puppy that sells high-end fur-care products for dogs. Hey, we can't all become biologists - at least the company's products are all natural.


  1. Astute research, Bo! Short of convincing the the U.S. government to arrest people for not recycling, it appears that Hillman has achieved the next best thing. A lesser man would have settled for selling low-end fur-care products to Wal-Mart. So, bravo.

  2. That's right sports fans !! And you guys thought I made that stuff up. 3 years of R&D and we finally have a truly natural product. Since the pet industry is not regulated by the FDA, ( that is about to change) a lot of pet products will claim they are " natural" but nothing could be farther from the truth. Click on the "Pure Planet" page on our web site and see the collection of articles that show trace amounts of personal care products and pharmaceuticals that are showing up in our ground waters, lakes and streams. These chemicals are killing fish and have been linked various diseases including cancer in humans and animals. Pure Puppy is 100% biodegradable and as safe on the environment as the tears Mets fan shed every time I took the mound. LOL. Life after baseball has been wonderful and I'm glad that I can do my small part to provide pet owners with a safe and effective alternative to the chemical ridden products that have been available until now.

  3. Mr. Hillman, you are my new favorite former player. In all seriousness though, and as a pet owner/lover myself, nice work!