Thursday, October 7, 2010

One and hopefully not done

In what was clearly the biggest event in baseball yesterday*, Mark Teixeira saved the Yankees season with a clutch two-run homer in the seventh inning. Being down 0-1 with a shaky Pettitte and Hughes for games two and three would have been devastating.

Still, I can't get to excited over winning Game 1, as that hasn't always been as big a boon for the Yankees as it has for other teams. In the last four years, only one team has blown a 1-0 lead in the division series - the 2006 Yankees. And the last team to win Game 1 on the road and still lose the series? The 2005 Yankees. Win tonight and maybe I'll get a little more optimistic.

*That Halladay guy in Philadelphia? Meh. By percentage, he allowed infinitely more baserunners last night than he did on May 29 against Florida. Infinite! You can't get worse than that.

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  1. If the Yankees had lost last night, I think they would have been done. If they can win tonight, I think the Twins are done.