Saturday, October 2, 2010

What does Don Mattingly look like?

I am loving the new Stats feature on blogspot where you can see what people Googled to find your blog. I know a lot of bloggers have funny stories about this feature. Mine is that one of my former interview subjects is paranoid - either that or people really are constantly searching for him. This guy actually asked me to call him recently because he had left the employer I listed him at and he wanted it removed from my blog "and from Google," the latter of which I told him I couldn't control. He was a nice guy but he kept going on an on about the bad experiences he had at this job.

It was around this time that the stats feature debuted, and I noticed that a lot of the searches had to do with his name. I'll call him Don Mattingly (my dream interview) to keep him anonymous. There will always be "Don Mattingly," "Don Mattingly New York Yankees," "Don Mattingly baseball," etc. in my Traffic Sources section. Unlike the real Don Mattingly, this guy isn't at all famous, so it's either people really after him, or he is obsessively searching about himself.

The reason for the post title is that in today's search he apparently searched for "what does Don Mattingly look like". Bizarre.

Though we aren't actually talking about Don Mattingly, if you want to know what the real Don Mattingly looks like, the correct answer is "Sweet-swinging Yankee with dark mustache and mullet". . .

. . . not "some dorky Dodger with a white soul patch on his chin."

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