Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kevin Garner on baseball cards

Kevin Garner played seven seasons of professional baseball, hitting 92 home runs, including 23 in 310 at-bats in AAA. He kindly shared with me some of his baseball card stories.
"When I was younger I used to collect cards but wouldn't consider myself an avid collector. I remember having drawers full of cards but never paid too much attention to the values at the time. They may be worth something today, I think my younger brother ended up doing something with them. It seemed like I would always get the same mediocre players in every package.

I actually do have a pretty good story about one of my baseball cards. I think it was '92 or '93, I was with the Chatanooga Lookouts. Long story short, the card company put Terry McDaniel's picture on my card. My dad never cared much for baseball cards but he carries that one around in his wallet to this day."


Thanks! I don't have that card, but here is one from my collection.

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    Yeah, pretty obviously not Garner