Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why the Yankees lost, and why it won't get better

Why did the Yankees lose? Because their manager has got the wrong attitude.

Seriously, how does he make his pitching decisions? Magic 8 Ball?

Unfortunately, this is probably the end of the Yankees' amazing 15 year run. They're more likely to lose 90 then win 90 next year, and not just because Baltimore and especially Toronto will be much improved in 2011. (If Toronto does hire John Farrell and he can get their pitchers to the next level, they'll be next year's Rangers).

Age is the biggest factor, and the biggest reason why the Yankees just seemed tired in the playoffs. Jeter (whom the Yankees will almost certainly overpay for soon) and Posada are toast. Alex Rodriguez is far from the superstar he once was, and Cano is not going to have a career year every year. The pitching, outside of Sabathia and Rivera, is extremely suspect. If Cashman is smart, he'll trade Joba Chamberlain while he still has some value. Of course, anybody who thought Lance Berkman, Nick Johnson or Javier Vazquez would be useful probably isn't that smart.

Live it up, Yankee haters. You will have plenty to gloat over for a long time.

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