Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not bad for a buck

Picked up over a thousand cards for a buck yesterday from a guy in the East Village. The cards were almost all from 1978-1981 Topps, with a few 1982s and 1984s as well. There were also a couple of 1988 Donruss, I guess because no collection is complete without a representative from that set. All the cards are in fair-to-poor condition, but I don't care because I'm no condition snob. If you're not either and have needs in those sets let me know, I will have lots of doubles. The cards in the best condition were about 50 89-90 NBAHoops basketball cards. These are more like near mint. I don't collect basketball cards so if anyone wants to trade some baseball cards for them let me know.

The most striking cards to me as I was thumbing through them were the team shot cards. Like this one of the Indians in front of the gritty Cleveland skyline. . .

. . . and this one of the Padres on a beautiful San Diego beach.

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