Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations, Pennant Winning 1990 New York Yankees

In 1990, the Yankees finished a mere 21 games behind Boston in the American League East. If just three weeks worth of games had gone the Yankees way then they, and not Boston, would have been division champions, and surely would have made quick work of Oakland and Cincinnati.

Now I'll be rooting for three of those Yankees to have a chance to recapture that lost opportunity, as Giants manager Bruce Bochy has filled his coaching staff with members of that could-have-been-legendary team. They are:

Dave Righetti, pitching coach

Hensley "Bam-Bam" Meulens, hitting coach

Roberto Kelly, first base coach

In addition, the third base coach is Tim Flannery, a former interview subject on this blog. Whenever you see a successful bunt by the Giants this Series, think of the "bunt doctor" and the bunting baseball card he uses.

Just as Bengie Molina will get a World Series ring no matter the outcome of the series (he was traded from San Francisco to Texas mid-season), so too will at least one 1990 New York Yankee: the Texas bullpen coach is none other than former no-hitter loser Andy Hawkins.

The Rangers also have one of my interview subjects on staff: defensive coordinator Spike Owen, who played for a real near-miss Yankee squad, the 1993 team.

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  1. Yes, if the Yankees had made it, their presence would have been felt here. Even if they couldn't get a hold of that many New York Yankees tickets you just know some Yankees fan would roll up to McCovey Cove in his yacht, knocking over the kayaks in its wake and shouting "Hip, hip... Jorge!" over a megaphone.