Sunday, September 19, 2010

The importance of a good team

After my post yesterday I got to thinking more about the baseball commissioner's executive team. The most important thing any good leader does is surround himself with a great team. Specifically a top-notch head of legal and head of finance are the most important roles. Since this is a baseball card, who would be the best candidates who have appeared on baseball cards?

Legal is easier. A lot of ballplayers have gone on to practice law (Tony LaRussa, Ed Lynch, Pete Broberg, Jon Perlman, etc) but the best candidate among ballplayers-turned-lawyers is former Reds pitcher Ben Hayes. The current president of the New-York Penn League, he was the General Counsel of Minor League Baseball from 1993 to 2000.

Finding a former major leaguer with extensive finance experience is harder. According to this blog post, former Yankee Scott Nielsen is the CFO of a company called Stampin' Up. While it sounds kind of dinky, it is one of Utah's Top 15 Revenue Growth companies. Anyone got a better idea?

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