Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's Hal?

At first this looks like a simple picture of Hal Morris, preparing to make a play at first base at some major league or spring training park.

However, look closely. There is no foul line intersecting the base from either direction. Morris was never a middle infielder. And that base looks pretty small, about the same size as Morris's shoe. Definitely smaller than a regular base.

Where is he? Maybe a spring training practice field? Or did he dress up in full uniform and get his picture taken in some elementary school playground?


  1. It may be in a rehab assignment in A ball or something since he did spend some time on the DL in his career.

  2. That shadow really jumps out at me for some reason... what a strange card. Weird photo angle, too. You can see the grass at the top of the pic, which leaves too much dirt to be a corner bag. It all makes Morris look like an absolute giant. He's wearing long sleeves, so it's probably not spring training.

    I'm confused.