Friday, June 12, 2009

Two Cubs on third

This 1991 Upper Deck card of Mike Pagliarulo (my favorite player growing up) features a pretty rare occurrence that I don't remember seeing on any other cards - two runners going to the same base.

It's the fourth inning of this wild game in San Diego, where the Cubs scored five runs in a game they eventually won 11-10. (Did the teams think they were in Wrigley?) With one out and Doug Dascenzo on first and Greg Maddux on third, Mark Grace hit a ground ball to first baseman Jack Clark. Maddux must have broken for home, because Clark threw to catcher Ronn Reynolds. Maddux sensed he was a dead duck and ran all the way back to third, giving Dascenzo enough time to make it there, and creating the scene Upper Deck captured here, with two Cubs heading toward third base.

Pagliarulo was 0-4 in the game but walked and scored a run.

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