Sunday, June 28, 2009

These cards may give you gas

So the blue cartoon car on Edgardo Alfonzo's card is a Chevron mascot. Thanks Captain Canuck and dayf for solving that mystery. There haven't been Chevrons in New York for years; I checked their website and the nearest one is in Baltimore. When we used to have Chevrons around here their logo was an actual Chevron, like on this card:

Some gas stations we do still have in New York include:

Did you know that Exxon used to be called Esso, which used to be S.O., an abbreviation for Standard Oil? Now you do.



You can see the Texaco logo in the black ad if you click on the larger picture. Another cool detail on this card is that you can see that the left field wall has a giant hole in it, as though it opens up to allow something in. (Field maintenance equipment?)

I usually use Sunoco because it's the cheapest, but couldn't find any cards with Sunoco ads.

One gas station that is not in New York but you see all the time on baseball cards in California parks is 76.

Kind of an odd name for a gas station, no?

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  1. I'm old enough to remember all the Esso gas stations changing to Exxon.

    My favorite gas station as a kid was Gulf. Don't see too many Gulf stations around anymore, at least not in New York.

    The 76 sign is a big landmark at Dodger stadium. The full name for the gas station is "Union 76"