Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craig House on baseball cards

Craig House pitched seven years of pro baseball, striking out 313 batters in just 282.2 innings. He pitched in 16 games for the Colorado Rockies in 2000. Currently a partner at a real estate firm in Austin, TX, he kindly responded to my request for his thoughts on baseball cards.

"Half of the pictures taken for the cards are poses that are hilarious and your teammates are in the background messing with you, and half of them are action shots during games/bullpens and you have no idea the picture was taken.

I don't collect baseball cards, as you tend to get away from the game in a lot of ways for a few years. I coach an organization here in Austin, TX in the evenings and weekends to kind of give back."

The one card I have of him combines both of these kind of pictures, with an action shot on the left and on the right he looks like he's trying not to crack a smile as his teammates mess with him.

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