Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Classic classics 2

Nothing says 1990 like blue on yellow tiger stripes. Not even the box in the corner that says '90.

Kal Daniels's swing looks a lot more awkward when he's not wearing his sunglasses.

I was curious about the radio station in the background. AM 880 in Southern Oregon is now a talk radio station. Instead of country music now they get Dr. Laura every night.


  1. I used to love Matt Nokes and I loved this card of him. He and Kevin Maas were my heros. Unfortunately Maas's career was much shorter than Nokes's.

  2. Every now and then I come across a Classic card in my collection and think to myself... wow. Just, wow.

  3. It really is amusingly awful. It's the "Saved by the Bell" set. I already know that will be the title for this set when I get to it on "define the design"