Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thoughts on the draft

This year's baseball draft had the biggest star in college baseball this decade, Stephen Strasburg, get drafted by the worst team in baseball, the Nationals. Because of the way the draft works, the best players get picked by the worst teams. These teams are often bad in part because of their inability to develop their talent. As a result, these great talents are often wasted on teams that can't properly develop them.

Imagine if David Clyde had been in the Reds or Dodgers organizations in the mid-1970s instead of a clueless Texas regime. Imagine if Toronto or Oakland had nurtured Ben McDonald instead of Baltimore.

And of course, their are the freak occurrences, like Brien Taylor's shoulder injury that prevented him from ever pitching in Yankee Stadium.

He was drafted the same year as Allen Watson, who pitched at Yankee Stadium while still at Christ the King High School in Queens, as captured on this cool 1992 Classic Draft card.

Watson would later get to pitch there as a pro, as a member of the 1999 World Champs.


  1. My main thought on the draft was that it was insanely boring. I tried to get into it, but there was almost no atmosphere in the room whatsoever. And how old does Selig look/act? It looked like he was napping between picks... and the way he sorta smacked his lips when he was done announcing the players... *shudder" ...

  2. Isn't that how most drafts go? Worst teams pick first? That said, I'm not sure the Nats can afford this guy... A bailout may ensue.