Monday, June 1, 2009

Baseball card or credit card?

This has got to be the weirdest card that I got in the box of commons I bought yesterday at Tri County. It is a 1995 Studio card, my first from the set.

Apparently, the card is designed to look like the player's credit card!

Was this designed to appeal to kids? They would go into a store and pretend to be Midre Cummings or somebody and try to make a purchase with this card?


  1. It was a gimmick to revive interest in the stagnating Studio line. You should see the inserts... they're actually printed on plastic and look like little gold cards.

    I think they're neat... but I like oddball stuff like that.

  2. I've got a couple of these... Studio should've stuck with the high school yearbook look of '91 and '92!

  3. I've got one of these of Fred McGriff (my all time favorite player). Soooo good!

  4. Hey, I'm actually looking for some information about this set, well one of the cards in the set I should say. I have an Alex Rodriguez card, looks like a credit card, but this one is gold instead of silver. I assume that it's just a limited printed version of this set.
    Q1: Is this the only set that has this look? Wondering if 1994 may have the same design as this set.
    Q2: Is this considered a rookie card of Alex Rodriguez? I know he has 1994 cards, which was his rookie season, but I saw somewhere that this card is considered a rookie card. Can you help me with these questions? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.