Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who's the best looking 1995 Score rookie?

Got a bunch of rookies from 1995 Score. So who's the best looking?

John Johnstone? Couldn't even bother to shave.

Mark Smith? Too chubby-cheeked.

Mark Dalesandro? Needs to wash his face and get rid of that acne.

Greg Blosser? There we go. Handsome and rugged, with blue eyes and blond hair. How do I know?

It says right there on the card. "Handsome and rugged, with blue eyes and blond hair." Don't think I've ever seen a player's looks described on a baseball card before.


  1. Hahahaha...but is he "a handy guy to have around" like Mark?

  2. Those are awesome! I am actually working on that set myself and it is a constant source of laughter. Who writes this crap?

  3. Haha, nice. '92 Studio would list a guy's marital status, which I've always thought was odd.