Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some more Skybox Thunder "raps"

Here are some more really bad Skybox Thunder "raps" from some of the biggest stars of the late 1990s.

Sammy Sosa
"You've got the Windy City in the palm of your hand, Sammy. You know there ain't nobody livin' larger than you."

Juan Gonzalez
"Word up, Juan. You've been goin' gonzo with the MVP awards. Two in the past three years, and lookin' for the trey in '99."

Will Clark
"Yo, Will . . . you been givin' us thrills for years. Representin' at the plate . . . man it's gotta be fate . . . 'cause you're better than great."

John Smoltz
"Big John, you got your flow on. Man, you never take a break. Every year's the same . . . you always got game."

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