Monday, May 10, 2010

Baseball card stories from Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson pitched for the Rangers, Cubs and Dodgers from 1988 to 1993. He was a key member of the NL East Champion 1989 Cubs bullpen, winning six games and saving two. He is still with the Cubs today as their Pacific Rim scout. He kindly took the time to respond to my questions about his baseball card experiences.

"After my rookie season, I was at a card show, and a lady named Lois Miller had done a painting of me based on the 1990 Bowman baseball card. She signed her name at the bottom and gave it to me at the show. Some kids saw it, and didn't really know who I was seeing how I was just the 10th guy on the pitching staff and thought my name was Lois.

Probably my favorite cards of myself are the Upper Deck cards in 90, 91. They were so new back then, with the glossy finish, and great pictures.

I did collect both hockey and baseball cards for a while, especially once I got to the big leagues, but unfortunately had my collection stolen years ago when my house was broken into.
My favorite card was probably my rookie Wayne Gretzky, and a rookie Bobby Orr card, both of which were stolen in the burglary."


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