Friday, May 28, 2010

Cards from Steven: Part two

Met Steven in the city yesterday to give him the cards I was trading him as well as to buy his 1995-1999 era cards. He's still got more to trade or sell but I stuck with that time period because I have so few from that era, when I wasn't actively collecting. He also threw in a bunch of Mets cards he didn't want. Even though I'm a Yankee fan I enjoy cards of all teams. Here is the best Mets card:

Based on his name, I thought he'd be a five-foot-five, 150 pound infielder. Actually, he was a six foot tall, 195-pound catcher. And he has the pointiest chin in baseball!

There were some Yankees too, like this great Luis Sojo card.

Here's my favorite card of the bunch, one of several Trey Beamon cards in the group. What is he on? An arcade game? A waverunner?


  1. That's probably why he never lived up to his star rookie billing. Pleasure working with you, Bo!