Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nice cards from a nice guy

Got a nice package of cards today from SpastikMooss, who is always a great trading partner. He was looking to get rid of a bunch of 1992 Topps doubles, so I sent him my want list and he hooked me up. There was a nice surprise too - a bunch of minor league cards, which he knows I enjoy. Thanks!

Here's my favorite one - Pete Alborano, who went from Brooklyn to Baseball City.

I got these in the mail when I came home from buying several thousand cards on the cheap from a garage sale and a flea market, both in Levittown. Should be plenty of trade bait in there. At one point I saw a bunch of a nice-looking McGriff card and said to myself, "Perfect! One for me and one for the Mooss!" More on my big haul tomorrow.

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