Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cards from Steven

Long time friend of the blog SpastikMooss recently sent a trader named Steven my way. Steven, who does not have a blog, is looking to trade or sell some of his older cards, as he is consolidating his collection to just post-2005 cards. We agreed on a trade and he mailed some cards off to me, then sent me his address so I could mail him his part of the trade. Well, it turns out we both live in the NYC area so we are going to meet in the city later today to give him his cards as well as for me to buy some more cards from him. In the meantime, I got the cards he mailed to me yesterday.

Some highlights:

Spike Owen as a Yankee!

Jose Rijo as a groundskeeper!

Billy Wagner as a firefighter!

Steve Sparks as a doofus!

1 comment:

  1. Cool man, I'm glad that worked out! I figured you would maybe have more of his trade wants than I did, meaning that it'd probably go well. Sounds like you got some really great stuff!