Sunday, May 2, 2010

Major card haul

I hadn't gotten new cards in a while, so I binged yesterday, hitting up a couple of garage sales and the flea market. The first garage sale was disappointing, just some 1994 Topps cards for .25 each. I did much better at the second one, scoring three thousand-count boxes of cards for $20. These boxes were sealed but contained mixtures of cards from the seventies through nineties, and were surprisingly well-collated with minimal duplicates. Then I went to the flea market and bought another thousand or so commons from dealers Vinnie and Vic for $34 combined. Vic's .5 box in particular actually was filled mostly with stars and semi-stars. I also got a bunch of minor league cards, including most of the 1994 Upper Deck Minor League set, which may just be the most fun set ever. I'll be posting a bunch of those cards in the next few days. I also got a few more Skybox Thunder cards, so expect some bad rap coming up as well. Guess what rhymes with Al Leiter?

The boxes contained most of the usual suspects in card companies, so I have a lot more dupes to trade, especially from the following sets, so let me know if you have wants in any of these:
81, 87-93 Donruss
88-91 Fleer
90 Fleer Update
92-94 Leaf
94 Pinnacle
91 & 94 Score
81-93 Topps (there were a ton of 81s, more than any other set)
89-93 Upper Deck
There was also some weird stuff, like the complete 1990 Fleer Update Set.

And a stack of 1986 O-Pee-Chees.

Maybe the weirdest part about the boxes is that one of them had about a hundred cards all from players who are alphabetically between Treadway and Turang. Any Manny Trillo or Alex Trevino player collectors out there? What about John Tudor or Mike Trombley?

At the flea market I pulled some weird stuff too. Did you know Jose Canseco was an Expo?

Speaking of Canseco, I pulled this out of Vic's common box. I asked him if it was real. His reply was, "I don't know, but I don't know why someone would fake it. Anyway, it's a great deal for ten cents." I checked examples of Canseco's autograph online - looks like this one is a fake.


  1. Hahaha that Jose auto is ridiculous. I totally would've bought it too though - you never know!

  2. I could use Mariners cards from all but the Topps, Leaf, and Pinnacle. I will try and shoot you an e-mail later on them.