Friday, May 7, 2010

Skybox Thunder: More Hits than Elvis

Two more from the Skybox Thunder files.

Matt Williams
"Rat-a-tat-tat, here comes Matt . . . strokin' in Zona, bashin' at the BOB, and deliverin' for the D-Backs."

Craig Biggio
"Yo, Craig, you got more hits than Elvis. And you're game is so complete, there ain't nobody who can compete."

More hits than Elvis? That doesn't sound necessarily impressive. A check on Yahoo Answers reveals that Elvis had 18 hits. That means that Biggio is just in the same category as 19-hit wonders like J.J. Davis, Angel Santos, Glenn Murray, Shawn Hare, Jeff Schulz, Jerry Manuel, Carlos Lezcano, John Poff and Derek Bryant.

At the time there had never been a big-leaguer named Elvis. (Elvis Andrus, who made his debut last year, is up to 156 already). Had they said "more hits than Presley," than they may have been talking about Jim Presley who had 875 hits. With 876 hits, Jim Morrison had one more hit than Presley.

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  1. I like how a lot of these are generic and could be used for anyone. Like the Biggio one today and the Will Clark one yesterday. Speaking of Clark, that photo just doesn't say "Representin"