Monday, May 3, 2010

What rhymes with Leiter, Chipper, or Houston?

I got a few of those awesomely awful 1999 Skybox Thunder cards over the weekend, and will be sharing their awful rap/rhymes with you over the next few days. Today's theme - awkward rhymes with the player's name or city.

"Yo, Leiter . . . no one's game is tighter. Showin' no mercy when you're on the mound, and beatin' batters like a prize fighter."

"You're a fave on the Braves, Chipper, and your star is brighter than the big dipper. We'll be star-gazin' while you keep amazin'."

"Yo, Bags . . . you're boostin' Houston to another level. Puttin' pitchers in their place with a power stroke that ain't no joke."

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