Friday, May 14, 2010

Jason Pierson on baseball cards

Jason Pierson pitched seven seasons in the White Sox, Mets and Yankees organizations, going 45-34 with a 4.07 ERA. Currently the owner of Foliage Design Systems of the Delaware Valley, which designs, installs and maintains plant systems at malls, office buildings and hospitals, he kindly shared his thoughts on baseball cards.

"My fav card was from Prince William, 95 I think. It was a candid shot...I hate posing! In terms of stories, the only thing I can think of is pitchers that would take their pictures with a bat or guys switching gloves and posing in the opposite wind up."

Thanks! Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of any of his cards on line, but here is a picture of a different White Sox minor leaguer clowning around: pitcher Roberto Hernandez posing as a catcher.


  1. I remember seeing that Hernandez card several times never noticing that he's listed as a pitcher. At least a catcher's mitt is a little closer to reality than a football.

  2. One of my favorite Roberto Hernandez cards!