Thursday, April 1, 2010

Predictions: NL Central

1. Cardinals: Two aces plus two premier hitters make the Cardinals the team to beat in the Central.

2. Brewers: They seem to be one front-line pitcher away. In 2008 they traded for one; can they do so again?

3. Reds: They have a lot of good young players, especially pitchers, so I keep thinking it's their year. I'm starting to think they may need a new manager to better realize their potential.

4. Cubs: To tell the truth it's a little hard to get interested in the National League Central.

5. Astros: These teams at the bottom of the division are worse than bad: they're boring.

6. Pirates: A 25 year old baseball fan who started following the sport at age eight has never seen a Pirates team with a winning season.

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