Sunday, April 11, 2010

The flags of 2002

Yesterday Dayf made an interesting comment that every baseball card from 2002 had an American flag on it. Not actively collecting new cards at that time, I didn't realize that, but looking back at the cards I have from that year, that seems to be only a slight exaggeration.

Topps's ugly tan 2002 base design was probably already set by September 11, but they made sure to put plenty of flag photographs.

However, other sets that came out later that year either had a red-white-and-blue design,

or were celebrations of America. Courage!

And they made sure to use a red-white-and-blue design for 2003.

Upper Deck didn't really use the US flag in their designs, except for "World Series Heroes."

They did seem to reach out to the international community with their "World Stage" design.

Donruss Studio may have been the single most patriotic design.

Leaf also had a red-white-and-blue design.

Fleer had the most patriotic design of any base set.

Their Tradition set had the most random American flag of 2002, just kind of stuck in at the bottom of the design.

Even minor league cards got into the act in 2002.

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