Saturday, April 24, 2010

1987 Topps Carl Willis - airbrush missed a spot

The idea beyond airbrushing was presumably to make it look like the player was really with that team. That is why this 1987 Topps Carl Willis is so funny - they left the mustache, even though the Reds had a policy banning facial hair!

It's kind of odd that they didn't have a photo of Willis with the Reds, as he had pitched with them for 7 games in 1984, 11 games in 1985, and 29 games in 1986. However, what I did not know until looking at his baseball-reference page was that the was actually a Rule V draft pick by the Angels and did not get returned to the Reds until after spring training, so this was probably a picture in an Angels uniform taken in March of 1986.

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