Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview with Mike Stenhouse

Mike Stenhouse played five years in the major leagues, from 1982 to 1986, for Montreal, Minnesota, and Boston, following in the footsteps of his father Dave, who pitched for the Washington Senators. After his baseball career, Stenhouse, who was one of the best players in Harvard University history, has become a successful businessman, owning the greater Providence franchise of CMIT Solutions, which provides small business IT solutions. Recently, he has turned to politics, forming an organization called Refound RI which aims to lower property, auto, income and corporate taxes in Rhode Island. He has been joined by several former teammates in this endeavor, including Oil Can Boyd and Steve Rogers. He kindly took the time from his busy schedule to answer my questions about baseball cards.

- Do you have any stories about cards of yourself or of other players?

I think it was my '84 Donruss 'rated rookie' card: in the original distribution of the card only my card and that of fellow Ivy Leaguer, Ron Darling, were "error" cards in that they neglected to put a card number on the back. When they printed the team sets later on, i guess they added the number. Conspiracy that the only 2 Ivy League guys had their numbers left off?

- Do you have a favorite card of yourself or of another player?

The father-son card with my dad is easily my favorite.

My wife thinks my Twins '86 Topps card is the sexiest of me (lol).

- do you collect baseball cards?

No, not since i was 15.


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