Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jeff DeWillis on baseball cards

Jeff DeWillis played five years in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, reaching the major leagues for thirteen games in 1987. For the past ten years he had been a social studies teacher, baseball coach and football coach at C.E. King Middle School in Houston. He kindly responded to my request for his thoughts on baseball cards.

"I only collected a few in my youth....The only card that was made of myself was the 1988 Score Card. That would be my"

Thanks! This really does seem to be his only card - I don't see any indication that he ever had a minor league card. It must be pretty unusual for a player from the 1980s to have a major league card but no minor league one.

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  1. Well technically he has two cards...1988 Score and 1988 Score Glossy!

    Lol, that is totally crazy though. I figured every baseball player from the junk wax era onward had at least a few cards to his name. Poor Jeff!