Monday, April 12, 2010

Fleer Flags of the Eighties

Yesterday I posted about how a bunch of card companies used patriotic designs post-9/11. Fleer may have been the most patriotic of all, with a US flag-themed base set. That should not be surprising; back in the 1980s, no card company was more patriotic than Fleer in its set design.

Other than the famous 1988 set, this tendency didn't show up in the base sets.

Rather, it was the bonus sets that featured this flag predilection. World Series sets uniformly had a red-white-and-blue design.

But so did most other "special sets" that Fleer came out with in the mid- to late-eighties.

Even if they used a design with a green border, Fleer still found a way to get plenty of flag in!

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  1. Wow, Fleer did put out a lot of these other sets. I remember wondering where people got them, because I seem to only remember seeing them at shows or shops as singles. And they certainly were patriotic.