Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some nautical gifts from TribeCards

David from TribeCards sent some fun packs of Pirates and Mariners. Arrrr!

Here are the Pirates:

The Pirate package also contained this mysterious package.

What is it?

Ta-da! A 1977 Pepsi disc of Jerry Reuss.

Even cooler is the back:

The Big Red Machine and two random Indians - this must have been a regional Ohio offer. I wonder how many people actually have a "To my buddy" shirt from Pete Rose.

There was also a replica 1954 Topps card.

The Pirates logo was a lot more bad-ass 55 years ago. He could certainly beat up today's rather sickly-looking version.

Perhaps with the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean it is time for a logo makeover?

Here is the pile of Mariners, ancient and modern:

The most interesting may be this Edgar Martinez card. Apparently he is part of "The Hitters Club."

The back has an interesting feature - career projection:

A spike in 1992 followed by an immediate dip, then dominating the late 1990s. What a perfect projection! How was Fleer able to project so accurately?

Turns out the card is from 2000. Apparently, Fleer doesn't project the future, but the past. Not very brave. It's like me projecting that the Phillies will win the 2008 World Series.

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  1. Holy crap, you were dead on in predicting the past! That is amazing!

    Glad ya liked 'em!