Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kevin Mitchell, infielder?

It's hard to believe considering his rotund body type, but Kevin Mitchell was originally an infielder, playing third base and even shortstop. In 1989 Upper Deck captured his fielding form in this great shot.

The back is even better, not so much for Mitchell, but for Paul Blart, Stadium Cop wearing the shortest necktie ever.

Mitchell had all the grace of a brontosaurus and was later moved to the outfield, where he made a famous barehand catch of a fly ball in St. Louis.


  1. I wonder how many cards that stadium cop has autographed.

  2. Picturing an aging Kevin as a SS would be much like picturing Cecil Fielder doing some Ozzie Smith type acrobatics. It's insane to realize that a lot of people like Mitchell, Posada and Biggio and Zeile were once middle infielders and in Big and Zeile's cases caters turned infielders.