Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phil Lombardi's favorite card - do you have it?

Phil Lombardi played nine seasons of professional baseball, and played in the major leagues for both the Yankees and Mets. He now sells real estate in the Los Angeles area. He responded with my request for baseball card stories with a description of his favorite card - and he is looking to buy it if any of you readers have it:

"There is a card of a player Doug Baker. I think it was when he played for the Toledo Mud Hens in the mid 80's. He was wearing Kurt Rambis looking glasses and was in a catchers squat with his glove on backwards from what I can remember. Doug was a middle infielder with the Tigers. I saw it once but would like to see it again. In fact, I would buy it if you can find it! Could you track it down and send me a copy?"

According to Beckett, Baker had two cards with the Mud Hens, both in 1987. One is by TCMA and one on ProCards. I found a picture of the TCMA card on, which has a bunch of pictures of Baker's minor league cards. This is a pretty sedate shot.

Therefore, the picture Lombardi is remembering is probably his ProCards card, #17 in the set. Do any of you have this card to confirm?

[UPDATE: 7/23/09 - Thanks to Don of Trammell to Whitaker, here is a scan of the correct Mud Hens card for Baker:]

Lombardi also shared some other baseball-card related stories.
"Baseball cards were great for the bicycle spokes when I was a kid. I was such a fan of the "Big Red Machine" especially Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, I would trade many cards of any player just to get one of them. I still have a few cards from the 70's in a cigar box somewhere.

I still have the check for $5 Topps gave players (rookie ball days) for signing I guess some kind of contract with them. I never cashed the 1 figure check but instead put it in my scrap book. I wonder if the check is still good?"

Thanks, Phil! Finally, here's a card of Lombardi from his Yankee days, with Don Mattingly in the background:

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  1. I think I found this card in my collection last night. I will try and remember to scan it for you.