Friday, May 20, 2022

Vintage backgrounds: Ron Bryant's teddy bear

There are so many fun surprises in Topps's team photo cards of the '70s. One example is the '74 Giants card, which features Ron Bryant's teddy bear in the front row. Bryant's nickname was "Bear", and he started carrying the giant bear around for luck, often keeping it in the Giants dugout during games. He was coming off a 24 win season in '73, but tore up his side attempting a stunt in a hotel pool in spring training of '74, and would win only three more major league games.



  1. I don't think I've seen the card before, and if I had, I didn't catch the teddy bear!


  2. That is so awesome, and I never noticed. Thanks.

  3. I guess the bear didn't end up helping out with his luck, did it?