Thursday, May 19, 2022

1990 Topps TV

My big card project this year has been populating my tradelists into TCDB. It's a lot of work but I know it will make trading easier both on and off the site. Recently one user, YanksFan876, noticed a card I had put up that he was looking for, and we ended up working out a little 3-for-3 trade.

On my end I received my first three cards from the elusive 1990 Topps TV set, certainly one of the harder-to-find junkwax-era products. Luis Polonia was one of my favorite players on that team, but I was even more excited to get the Snider and Burns cards. I didn't have a big league card of Snider with the Yankees (he played for Cincinnati but never made it to the Bronx). The Burns is my favorite - the Yankees traded for him after the 1985 season and he never pitched a game for the team due to some serious hip injuries. In 1990 he attempted a comeback that was shortlived. It's his only card in a Yankee uniform, other than a TCMA postcard if you count those.

The full-color photo backgrounds were unusual for Topps at the time. Check out Burns's stat line with the many years of "out of baseball".

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  1. I like this design quite a bit. I should probably see if anyone I collect is on the checklist.