Monday, April 19, 2021

What now?

 Normally this would be the time in the rotation for "Cardboard Cousins", but I've run out of modern sets with vintage designs. It was a fun series to do, and I would like to do some more series on this blog. I have a few ideas of possible series, but would rather do ones that interest my readers. Here are four possible series ideas I would like to get your feedback on:

Wood vs. Wood: Two iconic Topps sets. I think '87 Topps gets short shrift from a lot of collectors, due to it's overproduction at the time and recent oversaturation of Topps cards borrowing that design. However, that set probably launched more baseball card collections than any others (mine included), so is it fair to discount it like a great song that is overplayed? Meanwhile '62 is a vintage set which is always great, but is older always better? I love both '87 Topps and all things vintage so would be pretty impartial, and I think this could actually generate a bit of controversy.

Year in Review: On a somewhat similar vein, I thought it might be interesting to look at Topps cards of a certain year across sports. For most years I only have baseball and football, and not always football. And starting in the 1990s Topps began unifying their design across sports. However it might be interesting to compare sets that came out in the same year and would have been contemporary to each other.
Vintage cartoons. I'm not exactly sure how I would do this, but there are so many fun cartoons on the backs of vintage cards, particularly the ones that go beyond sports.
Finally, another topic that I think would be interesting but I'm not sure how I would present in a series, is vintage baseball players in other forms of entertainment. I recently mentioned the the 1967 MLB vs. Celebrities softball game on my blog; Night Owl recently posted a 1968 Dodgers yearbook that highlighted team appearances on TV. I think something with a baseball card and some old TV show might be fun. Maybe I would even take a crack at making custom cards?


  1. Those all sound like fun to me.

    With the cartoons, maybe something like a "behind the cartoon" feature where you dig into it. Like.. how did Tom get the nickname "The Blade"? What's the story with Jack's drug prevention work? What flavor milkshake was Denis' favorite? LOL

  2. I would read all of those. Count me in as one who loves the '87 Topps set. It was the first set I ever completed.

  3. All of the above sound interesting to me except for the one involving '87 Topps. Thanks to the inexplicably huge number of collectors who began with that set, the overkill has been tremendous. I was 21 when '87 Topps came out. I opened some. I didn't think they were special.

    I'm a big fan of old card cartoons. I've cited a number on my blog. It doesn't attract a lot of readers -- card backs, you know.

  4. I like all of these ideas. If you compare 79 topps football to the record holders subset cards from 1979 topps baseball, the designs are even more similar.

  5. Why not try them all, that way you can rotate which one you got the feel for each week or xxxxx.

  6. I think all four ideas are interesting, but considering you're looking for feedback, here's how I'd rank them based on personal interest:

    #1: Vintage Cartoons - I love them, but have so many things on my plate, I rarely take the time to appreciate them.

    #2: Vintage baseball players in other forms of entertainment. This is just an interesting topic and I enjoy learning new things about old school baseball players.

    #3: Year in Review. As much as I enjoy baseball posts... I wish there were more basketball, football, and hockey card posts out there. Having all four sports in one post would be awesome.

    #4: Wood vs. Wood: I'll never tire of posts taking a closer look at the 87 Topps set.

  7. Year In Review and Vintage Cartoons would interest me most.

  8. I agree with defgav's comment above. "Behind the Cartoon" would be a great series.