Friday, April 9, 2021

Vintage backgrounds: 1962 Topps Mike Hershberger

 I found the background rather interesting on this card. I wondered what the tall building was in the background at the extreme right of the card. The setting is Payne Park in Sarasota, the White Sox spring training site from 1960 to 1988. Payne Park is best known to baseball card collectors as the site of the famous Luis Alvarado parking lot card. The tower just beyond Hershberger is the Sarasota Terrace Inn, which was built in 1925 by John Ringling, one of the famous Ringling Brothers. In 1962 White Sox owner Arthur Allyn bought the hotel to house the team's players. Sarasota County purchased the hotel in 1972 and it is now a county administration building.


  1. It's a great vintage card, too. Great SOX hat, good shadowing on the face, and it's nice and beat-up, too. And now I know something about Sarasota that I didn't know before.

  2. Your ability to figure out these backgrounds is uncanny.