Wednesday, April 7, 2021

1966's and more

 I recently did another trade with reader Ken. He sent me few PWEs filled mostly with some '66 setbuild needs.

Lots of variety here, including a couple of managers and a League Leader card. The photo of Oliva on that card looks like it was taken at the same time as his 1964 rookie card, just with no tongue sticking out.

Final Topps card of legendary slugger Harvey Kuenn. Kuenn is pronounced "KEEN".
Final Topps card of Yankees manager Johnny Keane. Keane is pronounced "KEEN". Also notable here are Tim McCarver, Jim Bouton, and the 9th place Boston Red Sox.
A couple of Hall of Fame managers highlight this group. Check out the snipped-away corners on Willie Horton's card, much like the Rizzuto I recently posted about. I'm guessing this was done to fit it in an album?
Finally, some bird-team cards from elsewhere in the '60s.
Thanks, Ken!

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  1. If it’s the same Ken that has sent me a bunch of 60s cards as well, he’s the best. I try to pay him back as best I can with stuff from my trade boxes, and he always seems happy about it - and then sends me another batch of awesome stuff a week or two later. Great guy.