Thursday, April 1, 2021

Opening Day Predictions Come to Life

 Every year I do predictions on opening day. They've gotten less and less accurate as I find it harder to keep up with the whole league each year the way I did when I was younger. I was going to skip it entirely this year. However, one of my baseball cards came to life (they do that sometimes, hence the title of this blog) and insisted on predicting the division winners. So I let the card, a 1984 Topps All-Stars Al Oliver, make it's selections for the 2021 division winners.

AL EAST: "Yankees. I played against the manager's dad for years, I'm sure he taught his kid well."
AL CENTRAL: "Indians. I played with their manager - taught him everything he knew when he was young. He'll take what I taught him and break another curse."
AL WEST: "Astros. Dusty Baker is another one I played against for years and he'll get the most out of his team.

NL EAST: "Expos of course!"
Me: "There are no more Expos, they're the 'Washington Nationals' now."
Him: "Don't believe the deception and lies. It's all a trick. They're still in Montreal and still called the Expos. The 'Washington Nationals' thing is all fake news."
NL CENTRAL: "Cardinals. They were always a tough opponent."
NL WEST: "Dodgers. Never bet against the World Champions."

There you have it folks. Anyone else have one of their cards present their opinions on the upcoming season? Or anything else? I've learned to never talk politics with my 1988 Donruss cards, for example.


  1. If a card of Al Oliver says the Expos are still in Montreal, then it must be true!

  2. Al Oliver played for the Dodgers in 1985 so I trust his NL West prediction.