Sunday, April 4, 2021

Holy Cow!!

 For those of you who are unfamiliar, check out the Tim Wallach Cards blog. Corey is attempting to collect every copy of every Tim Wallach card ever made. If you haven't done so already, check your dupes boxes and you might find some stuff for him. Even if you knew that, you might not know he also builds vintage Topps sets, so you might want to check out his needs there.

Recently he posted a '54 Bowman Rizzuto he picked up, even though it was his second copy. I expressed my admiration for it and asked about a trade, and next thing I knew it was in my possession!

As a kid growing up watching the Yankees on WPIX during some mostly bad years for the team, Phil Rizzuto's fun banter was often the only reason to watch a game. Sometimes I would just turn on the game to see if Scooter was announcing, and turn it off if he wasn't. (Similarly, sometimes the only time I would watch when the other team was up was when Pascual Perez was pitching, just for the entertainment value.) I've never owned a real vintage Rizzuto card, so I am very excited to have this one! More than any other vintage Yankee, even Mantle, Rizzuto holds a special place in my heart.

Look at this beauty of a card! Sure, the corners aren't there, but there is nothing of importance missing.

The back is worth a look too. The 36-year-old Rizzuto is called "a speed boy" in addition to "a dangerous man with a bat". It's also funny that even in 1954 the record for the longest nine-inning game was a Yankees-Red Sox affair.
Thanks Corey! Some Wallachs and vintage cards are on their way to you.


  1. For some reason I feel like eating a cannoli.

  2. Neat! Too bad we don't know why the corners were removed, as I'm awfully curious to know how it came into such a state.