Monday, April 12, 2021

Latest Cracked Pick-Ups

 A Cracked Bat was at it again with some more Pick-Pocket goodness. I picked out another delightful dozen, some older cards and some newer as well.

Newer cards: It might be hard to tell in the photo but all the cards on top are shiny. The Irabu in particular looks fantastic in person. And a new Mattingly for my collection, and my first card of Gerrit Cole as a Yankee.

Older cards: A badass-looking minor league trainer on a card with a can of Pennzoil is the card of the package for me. Couldn't pass up the '27 Yankees or a BJ Surhoff Broder. Love the background on the Ruben Rivera. And I picked Don Drysdale because I had just watched the 1967 MLB vs. Celebrities softball game on YouTube. If you like '60s baseball and/or '60s TV, check it out. Don Drysdale pitched in that game, as did Roberto Clemente, James Garner and Cliff Robertson. Lots of fun crossover stuff in there, like Vin Scully setting up a "Would you believe" joke for Don Adams in the postgame.


  1. Julie is extremely generous with her pick pockets. I'm very tempted to check out that softball game...MLB Network needs to get some of these old programs and put them on!

  2. It's hard to believe that there was ever a time when even BJ Surhoff got a Broder!