Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cardboard cousins: 1962 Topps/1986 Woolworths

 When Topps put together a set for Woolworths in 1986, they reused the photo-peel design of the '62 set. The next year, of course, they paid homage to that set's 25th anniversary with another wood-grain set that was arguably even better than the original.

Here are #16 in each set. Darrell Johnson managed seven years in the major leagues between 1974 and 1982, all for AL teams. Dave Kingman was in the NL for all but a month of that time, so he never faced a Johnson-led team in a regular season game. However, as the manager of the pennant-winning '75 Red Sox, Johnson managed the AL in the All Star Game in 1976, facing an NL team that included starting right fielder Dave Kingman. Neither had a great night, as Kingman went 0-for-2 but the AL lost the game 7-1.


  1. never tied those two together before now.

  2. Weirdly, since I started collecting in 1986, I have never seen that Woolworth's set before. There was no Woolworth's anywhere near me growing up. In fact, I don't think I ever set foot in a Woolworth's in my life. So maybe that is the reason.

  3. That Woolworth's set is new to me too (not surprising, I don't recall having a Woolworths near me back then). Not a huge fan of the yellow border, but the design elements are great!