Sunday, June 28, 2020

Vintage backgrounds: A parking lot card!

Everyone goes nuts over Luis Alvarado's parking lot card in 1973 Topps. Mike Torrez has got a pretty good one in 1975 Topps.
The Expos played their spring training games at Daytona City Island Park - pretty much the whole island was the ballpark, so it's not clear where the cars are in relation to the field. Might be a different field nearby. I figured because it's '75 Topps and a parking lot card, Night Owl might have had something to say. Ten years ago he posted this card and was pleased with the cars in the photo. He also celebrated that it was Bill Cosby's birthday and said we all know the NL would never adopt the DH. Boy have times changed.


  1. I went to an Expos/Mets game at Daytona City Island Park in March 1974. You can see some of my souvenirs here: