Monday, May 11, 2015

More from last Wednesday

Last Wednesday I got two trade packages in the mail, a free bag of cards, and a $3 box. I've shown everything but some highlights from the $3 box. Here are some cards that stood out there.

Still lots of Bowmans, including the occasional low-print-run color versions.
 Here is an Upper Deck card of Michael Cuddyer clearly holding a 2004 Topps card.
 Here is a set I had never seen before - Topps Pristine. This is listed in the corner as a "base common", though you can't really see that in my photo. According to, "base" and "common" are both synonyms for "vulgar", "crude" and "contemptible". Not exactly high praise for Mark Loretta, is it?
 Very rare to get a non-junk-wax Yankee in these boxes, as they are generally picked clean of New York teams. Happy to get this Fleer Platinum Ventura.

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