Friday, May 22, 2015

A good box

Picked up another $3 box yesterday. Some good stuff in this one. Some highlights:

An early Melvin Upton Jr. gold signature card. People who only knew him as BJ were probably confused by this signature.
 Pretty cool to get Topps Finest in one of these boxes.
 This was really interesting - some kind of late '80s "Broder" card. The back just says "Sample". Does anyone know anything about this card? I can find nothing online.
This black-bordered parallel of Kevin Correia's 2009 Topps Traded card says "58 years of collecting" and is numbered 11/58 on the back.
Finally, there were a handful of junk wax cards. I am going to try the #RandomActsOfCardness project that Junior Junkie is doing. I see he has gotten a couple of responses from people in New Orleans from people who have found cards with his label on them. I am going to label these with the hashtag and put them in random spots around NYC next week and see if anyone posts them. (Unless someone needs any of these cards for their own collection!)


  1. Cool Benito. I'm one of those rare collectors who loves finding Broders in dime boxes.

  2. Speaking of random acts of cardness, did you see this Brooklyn post from a couple years ago? Random act of Paul Kilgus. It's still a mystery where it came from: