Friday, May 1, 2015

An even better box

Yesterday's box was even better. Almost no basketball, a decent amount of football cards, but mostly baseball and mostly 90s and 00s cards. A fair amount of dupes that are up for trade (including a Felix Hernandez rookie from 2005 Topps that slipped through - generally these boxes have been all commons), but easily a couple hundred cards that I needed. I may have to start calling this blog "$3 a Day Habit".

Here are some highlights of the new cards:

It's easy to forget now just how many cards Fleer put out in the early 00's. There were two major sets a year, Platinum and Tradition, and several 100-or-so card sets each year as well like Focus, Showcase, etc. This one is a really great photo.
 A numbered card slips through! Believe it or not this card has a book value of $25, and seems to sell online in the $7 range. Pretty amazing for a guy who never got out of rookie-league ball fifteen years ago.
 This card looks like it came out of mid-80s Baseball Card Magazine. It's actually from 2003 Topps, one of their less-inspired retro releases.
 Topps is still capable of making a great card when they try, though, like this beautiful one from 2010 Topps Traded.

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  1. I thought Fleer rehashing some of their late-80s 44-card boxed sets and calling them "Platinum" was laughable. Don't use a word that implies a certain rarity, metallic quality or value and slap it on a product that screams "JUNK WAX ERA". They at least could have use some silver somewhere on the card.