Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Awesome cards from Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford generously sent a huge package crammed with tons of awesome cards. Far too much to even go through in a day but here are some highlights.

There were several relic cards in the package. I particularly like Bat ones - wood looks better in a baseball card than cloth.
 I like this card that is shiny and textured.
 I posted some 2003 Fleer Platinums recently and Jason Presley commented that calling a dinky set like that "platinum" is laughable. Though it is hard to see in this picture, this is a shiny version that helps reclaim the platinum title.
 Lots of really shiny, colorful cards which I love.
 I think a shiny version of such an overproduced card design is kind of funny.
 Kind of weird to see a sparkly card with an old black-and-white photo.
 I think this is my favorite card of the entire lot. Instead of just a standard refractor it is dozens of little points of light. I really like it.
 You just don't see enough neon on cards.
 The deckle-edged Topps cards come with facsimile signatures. Believe it or not that is what Wil Myers's autograph looks like. Makes this card just look completely ridiculous.
 But there were several real autographs as well. I saw Logan Forsythe playing against the Yankees (he's with Tampa Bay now) earlier in the evening before pulling this card out of the box.
Thanks Scott!

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