Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bought the whole dimebox

I went to the flea market today to buy a belt, and decided to check out the baseball card vendors. Back when they were on the mezzanine I used to get cards there all the time. Around the time they moved to the basement I stopped because there wasn't much good that was reasonably priced left. Today when I went down to the basement they were gone. Turns out they were back up on the mezzanine, though in a much smaller space. But one of my regular guys from years ago, Vinnie, was still there and he had an actual dime box! And it wasn't crap either. Years ago I had bought a couple of dime boxes off of him, at a $10 a row rate. I asked him if I could get this one for $20 and he said "sure".

 That's a pretty nice haul for $20, even though half of the second row was basketball. Probably around 2000 baseball cards in the box so that's about ten cards a penny. That Kent Hrbek/Tim Laudner rookie is up for trade. So are all of those 2007 Topps cards. I've been getting a ton of '07s from my NYC vendor as well. I completed that set very quickly for a modern set and see it everywhere. Did that set have an unusually high printing run?

Here are some highlights of the good stuff. There were two copies of this Jeff Montgomery minor league card (so one is up for trade).
 I love that the card has the photographer's name and number. Even cooler is that almost 30 years later Alan Loveless is still a photographer and is still at that phone number (now augmented by a website; it's not 1987 anymore). Coolest of all is that last year he made news for saving a woman's life after she crashed her card into a pond where Loveless was doing a photo shoot.
 A nice thing about this box compared to some of my other recent acquisitions is that the stars weren't weeded out (though there weren't too many Yankees or Mets). Lots of '97 UD in the box.
 You can't tell from the photo but this Leaf Dante Bichette insert is textured and kind of feels like a dress shirt.
 Lots of minor league cards in the set, which are great for some wackiness.
 This was a neat oddball. I had no idea 7-11 was doing discs as late as 2000.
 Just included this card because of the great photo, both of Karkovice and the fans in the background.
 If you like photos like that then you would love Collectors Choice. Tons of '97 CC in the box and I already have the full set so all are up for trade.
 There was a lot of Topps Chrome which was very cool, including this refractor of former Yankee Miguel Cairo.
 Thought there would be only one textured Dante Bichette insert? Then you were wrong. All hail the RBI King.
 Speaking of textured inserts, this one is pretty cool.
 Lots of cool minor league cards. Hard to read in the picture but LaTroy's hat says "Hawk - Top Dawg".
 I got Hundley'd!
 Here's a pretty awesome dime box get, a rookie-year A-Rod. Really good find from a dimebox.


  1. Some good stuff there. I'd love to buy a whole box some day. Now if I could only find a flea market ...

  2. Hmmm... purchasing the entire dime box? Great idea. Love the Gwynn 7-11 disc.